Kenneth Anger

Recently popped into Sprueth Magers uber-cool gallery on Grafton Street W1. They had a Kenneth Anger exhibition on and it was pretty mind blowing. Anger is a pioneer in avante-garde cinema, devoid of dialogue his films are pre-occupied with homosexual imagery, occultist symbolism and bright opulent colours that give the viewer a heightened feeling of sensuality.

The particular film showing in the main room was the 1969 “Invocation for My Demon Brother.” ¬†Focussing on the dark side of the 1960s images of Vietnam and the hippy movement are jarringly edited into a hypnotic montage featuring Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey and a synthesised sound track by Mick Jagger. To put it quite simply Anger is a visionary and watching his films is like taking LSD only more surreal.


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